Age of Empires III

A real-time strategy video game set during the European colonialization of the Americas

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Age of Empires III is the third major installment in the popular Age of Empires franchise of real-time strategy PC games.

Unlike its predecessors, which took place in the Bronze, Iron, and Middle Ages, Age of Empires III takes place in the Americas from the time period of colonization through the American Revolution. Although many player-controlled units still brandish the series' trademark swords and bows, many units now utilize guns, cannons, and other forms of more modern weaponry.

Home City Perks

Players control a home city which can be upgraded over time through points earned in battle. The upgrades acquired can then be used during either single-player or online match-ups against other players. Because higher-ranked players have access to more perks, it pays for gamers to keep their home cities at a high level to retain a competitive edge against their opponents.

Single-Player Story

Spanning three acts, several hundred years, and multiple generations, the single-player campaign gives players control of the Black family as they live out their lives in the New World. The first act involves the search for the Fountain of Youth, while the second act has players interacting with George Washington and other famous colonial figures during the Revolutionary War. Finally, the third act focuses on a railroad company's quest to expand its tracks and doing battle with the nations that stands in its way.

For real-time strategy lovers, Age of Empires III remains one of the best in the genre. Multi-player gameplay is still top-notch and boasts a thriving community, while the single-player campaign is engrossing and a history lesson for those interested in the time period of early American settlement right up until the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

Pros and Cons of Age of Empires III


  • Controlling the economy and villagers is less tedious and more automated than in previous Age of Empires games.
  • Combat is more fluid and unit AI is better than ever.
  • Voice acting is excellent for most units and characters.


  • Graphics are outdated compared to more modern real-time strategy games.

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